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Autumn in Bloom

Autumn in Bloom
To market to market, the local market that is!
These vibrant arrangements that show off the seasons best mix of texture and color, are fashioned with flowers found in the grocery store.
A cheerful mix of mums, sunflowers, roses, hydrangea, and dahlias all set the festive tone. Easy to make, and budget friendly as one bunch of each variety makes several arrangements.
I like to cut stems on the short side, as the blooms look cozy together and a low arrangement can be used pretty much anywhere, from a formal table to a bar.
These were made for a suprise birthday party, and accented with the cylinders filled with mini-pumpkins and pears, presented an elegant autumnal look.
For a stylish tablescape that brings it all together, scatter small gourds and votive candles down the table around the flowers. Gorgeous!

Witches Brooms

For a Holiday filled with more treats than tricks, these easy to make Halloween party pleasers.
Make a batch and keep your little trick-or-treaters ready for tons of spooky fun!
You'll Need:
Fruit roll-ups
Pretzel rods
To Make:
Unroll the fruit roll-up and cut into 6-inch lengths. Make cuts from the top down to create fringe.
Wrap the top of the strip around the end of a pretzel rod. Press roll-up into rod until it sticks.

Happy Fall / Summer Treasure

Pirates Treasure!Happy first day of fall!
Having said that I wanted to share a few summer fun memories.

Pirate's Treasure!

My little one's birthday is in August, usually when we are at the beach, so this year he decided he wanted a pirate party, so I orchestrated a treasure hunt on the beach, complete with maps, X marks the spot, and yes a treasure chest filled with treats!

This is a perfect activity for kids of varying ages, the big ones can help the little ones to decipher the clues, while the little ones dig with abandon!

I brought the treasure with me, and found a box suitable at the beach house. The kids had a ball and enjoyed the costumes as much as the treasure. This party is perfect for any time of year, you can use your local park, or back yard, or local beach to stage the hunt. Ahoy!

Pirate's Treasure!

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