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Boo Lights

Happy Halloween!
It's time to get ready for the ghosts and goblins! Here are a few easy ideas for tricks and treats
Boo Lights!
Light-up the night of fright with these easy to make boo-lights. Made from empty milk jugs with stick-on felt faces.
Perfect for adding a ghostly touch to the season.
You'll Need:
Empty milk jug that has been washed and dried.
black acrylic paint
self adhesive black felt
strand of twinkle lights.
1. Cut out the back of the jug.
2. Paint the top of the jug black. Let dry.
3. Draw a face on the back of the felt, cut-out and adhere to jug. Fill with lights and enjoy!

Spider Wreath

Set a stylish scene with these creepy crawlers! Easy to make and looks spectacularly spooky on a front door, archway , or mantel.
You'll Need:
14-inch foam ring base
3 3-foot long feather boas
8 black pom-poms
1 package black chenille stems
1 package 30mm google eyes
pearl head floral pins
tacky glue
decorative ribbon for hanging
1. Pin the end of one boa to the ring with the floral pins. Continue until ring is covered.
2. Cut the chenille stems in half and in groups of four twist centers. glue group on the back of a pom-poms. Glue eyes to center of pom-poms.
3. Glue spiders onto wreath in a pleasing pattern. Pin a length of ribbon to the back of the wreath to hang.

Boo! Tricks and Treats for Halloween

Creepy Cocktails!!

Festive, colorful cocktails with a light citrus tones, are sure to be a favorite among the older trick-or-treaters.
Make a back-up batch and be re-fill ready!
serves 8
1 cup mandarin orange vodka
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
1/2 cup Grand Marnier
1/2 cup grenedine
seltzer to top
In a pitcher filled half-way with ice, pour all ingredients except seltzer. Let chill.
To sugar rims: rub rims of glasses with lemon juice, flip over and lightly rub rims into shallow bowl or plate filled with decorative black sugar.
Strain into glasses, top with a splash of seltzer, and serve.

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