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Spring Blooms for the Table

 Brightly colored spring flowers are the ultimate decorating accessory. and paired with simple votive candles make pretty accents for your spring table.

I love to bunch a group of them in the center of my round outdoor table, and scatter them down the center of my kitchen table for a vivid tablescape.

I have also fashioned about sixty bright yellow ones for a wedding cocktail reception, they were gorgeousness! ( not to mention easy to make and very affordable)

These vibrant melon colored faux dahlias are perfect to welcome the new season. Dahlias are a showy flower, and available in a wide range of colors, so choose any shade that compliments your spring decor or party theme. These are made with faux dahlia blooms found at the local craft store, but other blossoms like large garden roses, peonies, and small cabbages would make fantastic flowery votives.






You'll Need:

Faux Dahlia blossom


glass votive and candle

Wire snips



Cut the entire stem from the blossom snipping right under the bottom of the flower, so that it sits flat.

Remove the center of the blossom, glue layers of petals together in center,

Glue bottom of glass votive to center of blossom, add candle. Done! a vivid floral accent for your spring table!

How easy is that?

Happy Spring!

The sun is shining, time to get outside and enjoy the longer days. Get digging in the garden, plant some color to make your house, and you, happy.

Put away the snow boots, and order those must have spring shoes, make your feet and you, happy!
Arrange a bunch of delightful daffodils, let them glow their bright yellow color of spring, color of, happy.
Invite friends over for afternoon cocktails, toast a new season with old friends, that always makes me, happy.


St Patrick's Day Fun

 Here's a few ways to add a bit of green to your St. Patrick's Day!


These 'Pots of Gold' are easy to make, and fun for the kids. Every year I make a bunch and hide them around the house for the kids to find on St. Patrick's Day morning.

They're also a perfect craft for a festive playdate, quick and easy, they are ideal for wee ones to your bigger lads and lassies!



To Make:

cardboard pots

gold spray paint

green easter grass

green and white pipe cleaners

craft glue

gold foil wrapped chocolate coins



1. Spray pots gold, let dry.

2. Twist green and white chenille stems together. Cut an 8-inch length. Form a handle over pot and glue ends on either side to secure. Let dry.

3. Fill with green grass and add coins. 


Fun Floral and Flirty!


Get some green going! This adorable arrangement is a happy addition to your table, counter, or sideboard. Decorative stripes of sand add just the right irish touch.


To Make:

6-inch square glass vessel

plastic cup


decorative art sand in white and green

bunch of white carnations and white mums


garden snips



1. Secure plastic cup on the bottom of the center of glass vessel. 

2. Pour green sand around glass filling up evenly about 2-inches high. Layer white sand on top of green, about 2-inches high. Finish with green.

3. Fill the cup 2/3 full with water. Cut the flowers and place them in the cup. Be sure to work the blooms to the outside of the vessel to cover the top of the sand. 

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