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It's my favorite Fall cocktail! Back by popular demand, my recipe for Appletastic cocktails tastes like a caramel apple, with its vanilla and citrus tones, mixing deliciously with tangy sweet apple flavors in fresh apple cider. And it's sure to be a hit for all your parties all month long!

Make a batch for your friends and family, and they will be very thankful for you!
Serves 4
6 oz. Absolut Vanilla
4 oz. Tuaca (an Italian liquor)
8 oz. fresh apple cider
lemon flavored seltzer to top
apple slices for garnish
apple twists for garnish
To Make:

In  a pitcher filled halfway with ice, pour ingredients. Let the flavors marry and chill a few minutes. Strain into glasses. These are wine goblets, but I think they are perfect! Garnish with apple wedge and twist, and serve.  Cheers!


Fall Couture

Fall's intoxicating. Just when your flip-flops have fallen apart, it's time to return to grownup glamour and the colors of autumn. Dig out those great ankle boots, grab a scarf and your new military inspired jacket, and get ready to meet friends for cocktails!

While Fashion Week came and went faster than a Chanel bag at a sample sale, I love fall for taking a fresh look at your closet and your cocktail couture.

For great ideas to spice up your Fall wardrobe, I'm craving the new As the hues change from summer's bright citrus to plums and earthy tones, cocktails change too. Just like the perfect camel coat, there are key staples for your cocktail wardrobe that you need to have ready to kick off the season with a bang. So what's the hot new trend? Two of my favs to get your cocktail fashion fix are Prosecco and Avion Tequila.

Just as we're seeing a lot of military details this season, there's also been a real resurgence of bubbles. A true classic, they're always in style. And this year, it's all about Prosecco. It's easy to mix and perfect to pour, so keep your cocktail closet stocked. At the moment I love Prosecco with a bit of pear or St-Germain liqueur, just enough to give this bubbly a kick and a permanent spot in your closet. It's also a perfect topper for an assortment of brandies - think apricot, raspberry or plum. Fall Fabulous!


Avion Tequila is also quickly becoming the rage thanks to a starring role in HBO's hit Entourage with Adrian Grenier's Vinny Chase and the gang. As Turtle and Drama were pouring shots poolside, bartenders in NYC and LA started doing the same. With both coasts covered, look for Avion to make a VIP appearance at your local hotspot soon.

While the season finale left Avion on the rocks, this smooth tequila is sure to make a splash until the series returns. Whether straight up, with a kick or in your favorite marg, look for Avion to match perennial favorite Patron shot for shot for the title of "must have" tequila this season.

Here's an easy Prosecco pleaser. And for some other great cocktail recipes to add to your couture collection, visit me!

Prosecco Pearfecto

  • 4 oz. Belle de Brillet pear liqueur
  • 1 bottle Prosecco
  • Pear slices for garnish

Pour a splash of pear liqueur into the bottom of each glass, top with Prosecco, garnish with a sliver of pear and serve.  

And have you tried Avion yet? Let me know what you think!





Pick Your Poison!

As Willy Wonka says, "Candy is dandy but liquor is quicker!" So this year, add a stellar signature cocktail to your party to take it up a notch! Here are 10 tasty temptations to serve this Halloween. Pick your poison!


Bloody Red Martini

Vampires everywhere kill for just a sip of this stellar martini with signature oozing bloody red rim.  


8 oz. vodka

4 oz. triple sec

4 oz. pomegranate juice

2 oz. freshly squeezed lime juice

1 cup ice

Mix first four ingredients in a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Allow the mixture to sit for 1 minute, giving time for the flavors to marry. Strain into martini glasses and enjoy. Serves 4. For bloody rims: In a shallow dish, mix 2 tablespoons light corn syrup, 1 drop lemon extract, and 2 drops of red food coloring together. Turn the glass upside down and swirl the rims in coating well. Turn the glass upright and fill.  Adapted from the Ruby Slipper from The Stylish Girl’s Guide to Fabulous Cocktails by Colleen Mullaney.



“The Morticia”

Can’t you just see Morticia and Gomez toasting the ghouls and goblins with one of these devilish champagne cocktails in hand? A whisper of black sugar on the rim makes it extra wicked. Be afraid, be very afraid! 


2 cups ice

8 oz. St-Germain liqueur

4 oz. acai berry juice

4 oz. Absolut Citron vodka

Juice of 1 lime, freshly squeezed

1 bottle champagne, chilled


In a small pitcher filled with ice, mix together St-Germain, acai berry juice, vodka, and lime juice. Strain about 1-½ oz. to fill the bottom third of each champagne flutes. Rim the glass with black sugar (easy to make with black food coloring and sugar if you can find it in your local store). Top with champagne. Serves 4. Adapted from Show Stopper from The Stylish Girl’s Guide to Fabulous Cocktails by Colleen Mullaney.


The Confession

No secrets are safe with this devilish concoction of gin, limoncello, peach and raspberry juice. There’ll be no skeletons in the closet after these, we promise!


8 oz. gin

2 oz. limoncello

2 oz. peach nectar

2 oz. raspberry juice

2 cups ice


Combine all ingredients in a shaker filled with ice and mix well. Strain into ice-filled rocks glasses and serve.



Dark and Stormy

The perfect potion for All Hollow’s Eve. Ginger beer and dark rum blend together for a killer good brew!


1 cup ice

8 oz. dark rum

Two 8 oz. bottles of ginger beer

Pour rum evenly among four glasses, fill with ice, and top with ginger beer. Serves 4.



Ghoulish Grape Soda

Goblins of all ages will swoon over this mocktail grape pleaser. Add in an easy-to-make foam ghost straw and sip to your devilish content!


2 cups ice

16 oz. grape juice

16 oz. lemon flavored seltzer


Mix juice and seltzer in a pitcher. Pour into ice-filled glasses. Garnish with ghostly straws and serve. To make ghosts, cut shapes from white foamy sheets. Affix googly eyes with tacky glue. Let dry. Use a hole punch to make the mouth and insert the straw. Makes a great kids’ activity during your party.



Ghouls’ Grog

Get ready to rattle some skulls and bones with a few of these old school gelatin shots.  One taste and you’ll be screaming for more.


1 3-oz. pkg. lemon flavored gelatin

1 3-oz. pkg. cherry flavored gelatin

8 oz. Absolut Citron vodka

8 oz. peach liqueur


Mix lemon gelatin with one cup of boiling water and 8 oz. of vodka. Pour mixture into shot glasses until each is ¾ full. Mix cherry-flavored gelatin with one cup of boiling water and 8 ounces of peach liqueur. Top off each shot glass with the cherry mixture. Can also switch the order, with the cherry on the bottom of the shots topped with lemon gelatin. Chill shots until just before serving. Serves 10.



Creepy Crawly Concoction

Kids will crave this delightful non-alcoholic bubbling brew of lemonade, mango and orange flavors.  Add in some gummy worm ice cubes and watch their skin crawl!


24 oz. lemonade

8 oz. mango nectar

16 oz. orange flavored seltzer


Mix all ingredients together in a punch bowl. Add a scary touch with wormy ice cubes and serve. To make wormy ice cubes, cut gummy worms in half, place into ice cube trays, and fill with water and freeze. Serves 10.



Green with Envy Apple Margarita

Just a sip, my pretty! A jealously delicious twist on a classic with green apple liqueur and a ghoulish green salt rim your guests will covet. Just a drop of food coloring to your regular margarita salt is all it takes.


4 cups ice

8 oz. Blanco tequila

4 oz. Green Apple liqueur

2 oz. lime juice

2 oz. lemon juice


Combine the first four ingredients in a pitcher. Fill with ice and mix well. Salt the rims of glasses, and fill with cocktail. Serves 4.


Skeleton Sangria

Don’t be scared to try this easy to make, sinfully delicious sangria. It’ll rattle your senses for sure!

4 cups ice cubes

Two bottles chilled dry red wine (Zinfandel, Merlot or Pinot Noir)

8 oz oz. pineapple nectar

8 oz. Cointreau

8 oz. sparkling water

2 oz. fresh lime juice

2 oranges, thinly sliced


Combine the wine, nectar, Cointreau, lime juice and fruit slices in a drink dispenser. Chill for at least 30 minutes to let the flavors marry. Just before serving, pour in sparkling water and add the ice cubes. Serves 10.



Witches’ Potion

All eyes will be on your table when you serve this bubbling cauldron of purple Witches’ Potion. The secret is in the smoke created from dry ice. (Note: please wear gloves and handle carefully!) 


8 oz. light rum

8 oz. dark rum

4 oz. crème de banane

4 oz. blackberry brandy

24 oz. cranberry juice

24 oz. pineapple juice

2 oz. grenadine

6 cups ice cubes


Combine all ingredients in a punch bowl and mix well. Serves 10. 


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