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Love Potion #9

 Love is in the air!  It's all around us......and what better time of year to mix up a batch of these deliciously sublime cocktails, and drink to love.....lost, found, or yet to be discovered...

Love Potion #9

serves 4

8 oz. Absolut vodka

1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

2 oz. limoncello

Prosecco to top


In a blender puree frozen berries. Strain into cocktail shaker or small pitcher. Add in vodka and limoncello, fil with 2 cups ice and shake or stir well. Strain evenly among glasses, top with Prosecco and serve.

Here's to love!





Hearts on a String

 Hearts are all around in bright cheery colors to wake us from our winter blues. Craft them, hang them, watch them twirl....and behold the magic of hearts on a string.


The heart is our most resilient muscle, use it for good, for love, and for living a life made stylish!

Who has your heart on a string?





Happy Chinese New Year!



We were invited this past weekend to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the home of family friends. What a lovely time we had sharing in their festive, fun, and very colorful New Year. It is the year of the golden rabbit, who is supposed to saunter in quietly following the year of the ferocious tiger. But the energy at this party was like an oversized paper dragon, ready to roar!




Huge red lanterns on golden posts lined the driveway, like red balloons floating on top of piles of white snow. Red, the traditional color in Chinese celebrations, is said to ward off evil spirits, was everywhere! Red balloons lined the entrance and back lit by more red lanterns seemed to glow like a garden of lights in the moonlight.


Touches of Chinese culture were everywhere. A giant bonsai tree nestled under a group of red lanterns makes a dramatic centerpiece landscape, while blooming cherry blossom branches adorned mantles and tables.

Boxes of red carnations blooming from chinese take-out containers were my favorite! So easy, elegant, and inexpensive, a must-try at home.

A feast of seafood and dumplings, set out buffet style, all signified different good wishes; prawns for liveliness and happiness, dried oysters for all things good, dumplings for luck and good wishes for family, and fish dishes for luck and prosperity.

Lychee martinis were served and were the perfect cocktail to toast Gordon and Grace for welcoming us into thier home to celebrate with them. Here's to an illuminating start to the new lunar new year, the Year of the Rabbit!


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